When people hear their dentist in Airdrie tell them they need a dental implant, they immediately think: is it worth it? Some people believe that the investment and the process of getting a dental implant isn’t worth it. In fact, it’s one of the best investments you can make with your dental health. 

What Is The Process For Dental Implants? 

The process involves two steps: the placement of the titanium root, and the placement of the natural-looking crown on top. If you are hesitant about getting dental implants, or have concerns – here are four reasons to consider.

Dental Implant

Four Reasons To Get Dental Implants At Your Airdrie Dental Clinic 

Strengthens Your Mouth 

Teeth are not only for chewing but also provide support for your mouth. Losing one or two teeth can unbalance your mouth, including your jaw and surrounding teeth.  A dental implant will help restore the strength of your mouth.

It will also strengthen and improve your bite, reducing pressure on your remaining other teeth, preventing them from getting worn down prematurely and suffering other painful problems.  They are built to last for years.

It is a Lifetime Investment 

The quality and materials used for dental implants mean that it’s a long-term investment. Compared to dentures or “false teeth” which may last only 5-10 years before needing replacement, dental implants at your Airdrie Dental Clinic is a worthy investment.

Better Fit Than Other Dental Options

Dental implants CAN be a better fit than some other tooth replacement options. Dentures can become worn down or loose after a while, and may need to be re-fitted. Crown and bridges are great options, but in some situations can eventually succumb to tooth decay below the surface.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are integrated into your existing oral structure, meaning it fits perfectly with the rest of your mouth’s structure. It will be just like having your existing teeth. Dental implants can’t get decay (cavities), so if you have a history of tooth cavities, this option may be the best long-term solution.

Implants Do Not Require Special Attention

Unlike dentures, crowns or bridges, implants do not require the same level of attention or maintenance. The implantation and the quality of the crown means that you can go for years without having to worry about maintaining your implants.  However, you still have to treat it like a regular tooth: brush and floss it regularly, and visit your dentist in Airdrie for routine checks and cleanings. Overall, it’s just like having your own teeth again!

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