For thousands of people, going to the dentist is not an option. The fear that comes with dental anxiety can cause them to skip appointments, avoid treatment until the last minute, and, worse, let their dental hygiene suffer. 

Fortunately, there are ways in which you can manage your dental anxiety in the long-term when you visit your dental clinic in Airdrie

6 Ways To Cope with Dental Anxiety – Tips From Your Airdrie Dental Clinic 

Tell Your Airdrie Dentist About Your Fears 

If you don’t tell your dentist about your dental fears, they won’t know you’re suffering from any anxiety. It is vital to be open and share your concerns with your Airdrie dentist so they can provide you with support and reassurances for any fears that you might have. It will help build trust and communication between the both of you – and that’s the best thing.

Know What To Expect

The more informed you are about your dental treatments, the calmer you will be. It is all about expectations and managing them. Have your Airdrie dentist break down the treatment for you, as well as asking about the level of pain and sensations you might experience. The more you know, the more you can be prepared for what is to come. 

Pinpoint What You Are Afraid Of 

Your dentist is going to ask you what exactly scares you about dental treatment. Is it the drills, the needles or the pain? Finding your triggers can help you manage your anxiety and help your dentist work with you to achieve it.  

Take Someone with You 

As supportive as your Airdrie dentist can be, sometimes having a friend or family member by your side can be very helpful. Patients find it comforting to have someone by their side to keep an eye over them. 

Learn Meditation and Breathing Techniques 

Meditation and breathing techniques can prove highly beneficial in moments of panic or anxiety. By learning these techniques and building a strong mental foundation, you can calm yourself down when you’re in treatment. Focusing on slow, regular breathing is a great way to reduce anxiety. 

Use Hand Signal during Treatment

By coming up with a system for your hand motions, you will be able to gain more control over the procedure. You can raise your hand when you’re scared, or make a fist when you’re in pain and want to stop. It is a great way to empower yourself during treatment. 

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