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Customized Treatments

We keep you involved in your treatment process so we can ensure you're receiving the care you deserve. We do our best to administer treatments in a manner that enhances your overall experience and is precisely what you need and want from your visit.
ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie


Comfortable Environment

Abiding by our commitment to provide a true dental spa experience, we have made our office as welcoming and comfortable as possible. We treat our patients to warm blankets and face towels, noise cancelling headphones, luxurious chairs, and personal TVs.
ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie

Wide Range
Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

In order to provide our customers with convenient and comfortable service, we offer a wide range of dental treatments so that you won’t have to make other stops. Whether you need a root canal and a crown or a custom sleep apnea device, we do it all.

Teeth Cleaning in Airdrie for All Ages

Dental cleanings and checkups are integral for your long-term dental health. Despite flossing and brushing daily, letting your teeth go without a clean can result in a buildup of tartar, plaque and decay. But by getting regular teeth cleaning and checkups, you can keep your smile glowing and preventatively stop any issues going forward. Your Airdrie teeth cleaning team at ConfiDENTAL will clean your mouth and inspect your teeth and gums to see if you have any potential problems. We provide dental cleanings for all ages. As a pediatric dentist in Airdrie, we have experience when it comes to treating children and adolescents. Request an appointment for your dental cleaning and checkup with ConfiDENTAL today.

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How Often do I Need to Schedule Teeth Cleanings?

Every dentist will tell you that you should get your teeth cleaned twice a year. You might think that is one too many, but you will be shocked at how quickly plaque and bacteria can grow in your mouth. 


Not only is your mouth affected, but having poor dental health affects your whole body. It will impact how you feel and how you interact with others. When things aren’t quite right with your oral health, you’re not quite right in general.


Don’t miss out on keeping your smile bright and your body healthy! Schedule your appointment with the trusted Airdrie dental cleaning team at ConfiDental today.

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ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie
ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie
ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie

Schedule your Teeth Cleaning at our Airdrie Dental Spa

Even if you brush and floss daily, don’t smoke, and eat healthily, there are still many factors that can impact your dental health. You will be shocked to know that you might need up needing a dental filling despite your healthy habits. Getting regular cleanings and checkups can help you in preventing any long-term damage and keeping your teeth as healthy as the rest of your body! ConfiDental will make sure you’re comfortable and at ease while we clean your mouth and bring out your sparkling smile. For all your teeth cleanings, checkups, teeth whitening and more, call your trusted Airdrie dental clinic today to schedule an exam and cleaning.

We recommend that you get a dental checkup and cleaning twice a year. Contact ConfiDental today to make an appointment.

Everyone is welcome at our dental clinic. We treat adults, and as pediatric dentists, we can also help children, infants and young adults.

We are committed to creating a calm and relaxing environment for all our guests. However, if you’re anxious about your visit, we offer sedation dentistry to help calm you down, so we can provide you with the dental care you need.

Yes, we do! If you’re suffering from severe pain and need emergency dental service, we can help you on the spot. We can provide you with immediate relief and treatment.

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