Crossbites are surprisingly common for both adults and children. 

Also known as a malocclusion, a crossbite is when the top and bottom teeth do align and bite down in the correct position. There are two distinct forms of crossbites: 

  1. Anterior crossbite, where the front lower front teeth completely hide the upper front teeth
  2. Posterior crossbite, where the top back teeth sit inside the bottom back teeth. 

Despite the idea that crossbites can be damaging for your teeth, they are curable if you administer the correct treatment. However, before we discuss that, it is essential to know why crossbites occur and what happens if you leave them be. 

Why Do Crossbites Occur? 

There are three primary reasons why a crossbite can occur in an individual: 

  • Genetics. In most cases, genetics are the key reason why crossbites occur. Some people are just born with a larger upper and smaller lower jaw, or vice-versa. They might realign over time, but in most cases, treatment will be required. 
  • Mouth Breathing. Breathing through your mouth, which occurs during when you sleep, can cause crossbites to occur. If the child already has misaligned jaws, they have an even higher chance of developing a crossbite.
  • Excessive Sucking. Sucking habits in children can alter jaw growth as they get older. This can include thumb sucking, poor chewing patterns, and using a bottle or pacifier excessively.

What Happens if Your Airdrie Dentist Doesn’t Treat a Crossbite? 

If you do not seek treatment from your Airdrie dentist for a crossbite, you are more likely to suffer from dental problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ, and other dental-related pains, including headaches and chronic jaw pain. 

Invisalign braces

You can also suffer from more extensive issues, such as bite and breathing problems, as your misaligned jaws are putting unnecessary pressure on your other teeth. You should seek treatment as early as possible to prevent issues from becoming widespread. 

How Your Airdrie Dentist Treats a Crossbite in Children 

The earlier that children experience crossbites, the earlier they should receive treatment. In most cases, treatment consists of braces or Invisalign braces that will align the teeth and jaws. 

How Your Airdrie Dentist Treats a Crossbite in Adults 

Although fixing crossbites while teeth and jaws are still developing might be faster and less complex, that does not exclude adults or teenagers from receiving treatment. Your Airdrie dentist can provide you with braces or Invisalign treatments. The remedy will help move the teeth into their correct position, by either expanding or widening the jaws. 

As for how long you need to wear braces, it depends on your needs and health. You will have a scheduled process and timeframe in which you should be wearing the braces. 

In some cases, if the pain and damage are extensive, jaw or teeth surgery might be a part of the treatment plan. 

Treating a misaligned bite is about being proactive about your overall health and taking steps to prevent any future complications. If you are concerned about your crossbite, visit your local Airdrie dental clinic today. 

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