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ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie

Wide Range
Of Services

Wide Range Of Services

In order to provide our customers with convenient and comfortable service, we offer a wide range of dental treatments so that you won’t have to make other stops. Whether you need a root canal and a crown or a custom sleep apnea device, we do it all.

Protect Your Jaw & Stop TMJ Pain With Our Night Guards

TMJ disorder is one of the most common dental issues that people face. There are a range of symptoms that can result from having TMJ disorder, including discomfort in your jaw when eating, speaking, opening and closing your mouth, as well as “popping” jaw sounds, headaches and ground down teeth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to visit ConfiDENTAL. We can provide you with TMJ treatments to relieve pain, improve your quality of life and enhance your oral health. There are several solutions available to you, including jaw exercises, lifestyle changes, medicine, and most commonly, night guards. Our dental team will consult with you before devising a treatment plan so that you get the relief you need. Stop your TMJ and jaw pain by booking an appointment with our Airdrie dental clinic today.

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Get Your Custom Night Guards in Airdrie With Us

TMJ stands for “tempromandibular joint”. This joint is located on each side of the jaw, right in front of your ear. It is one of the most complex joints in your body as it helps you chew, speak and swallow. However, if the muscles, ligaments, nerves or joints become misaligned, the resulting pain can be debilitating. 


One of the most common effects of TMJ disorder is teeth grinding, which mostly occurs at night. If you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw or teeth, it is most likely because you’ve been grinding your teeth all night. Over time, teeth grinding can damage the enamel and strength of your tooth. Night guards in Airdrie are a popular solution for sufferers of TMJ disorder and teeth grinding. 


Much like a sports mouth guard, a night guard is custom-fitted for your mouth, and acts as a barrier, preventing you from grinding and clenching your teeth. A night guard can relieve persistent symptoms while enhancing your dental health, meaning fewer issues and less dental work in the future.


Give your teeth and mouth the protection they need by contacting us about getting night guards in Airdrie.

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ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie
ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie
ConfiDental Health + Dental Clinic Airdrie

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It is not easy to live with TMJ disorder and jaw pain, but ConfiDENTAL has the treatments to help ease the pain you’re suffering. Whether it is learning jaw exercises or getting a snore guard in Airdrie, our dental team can provide you with a plan to get relief. If you’re experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder, make an appointment with us today. There is no need to suffer needlessly when you can get the help you deserve. Give us a call so we can help you through the pain!

If you wake up in the middle of the night struggling to breath, or if you snore constantly, you could have one of the many signs of sleep apnea. Book an appointment with us today to get tested.

There are two distinct treatments for sleep apnea – CPAP devices or snore guards. Our dentist will discuss which treatment will help you with the severity of your condition.

There is a huge difference. Custom-fitted sports, snore and night guards perfectly fit into your mouth and provide you with long-term support and protection. Over-the-counter do not offer the same level of protection for your teeth or jaw.

You can relieve your TMJ pain with jaw exercises, lifestyle changes, medicine, and most commonly, night guards. Speak to our dentist today to find the relief you need.

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