What Causes Sensitive Teeth All Of A Sudden?

There is nothing worse than having a sudden shock of tooth sensitivity. It can come out of nowhere when you’re eating, walking, or talking. Suddenly, your teeth are way more sensitive than before. It could also be accompanied by pain in the tooth itself, the gums or the jaw.

So what causes it? Why does it happen? 

This blog outlines the potential causes of sudden and extensive tooth sensitivity, and why you should pay a visit to your local Airdrie dentist when it happens. 


Determining the Cause of Sensitive Teeth

There are many reasons for dental sensitivity to occur suddenly. Here are some of the most common causes: 

  • Tooth Decay – even a small cavity can slowly eat away at your tooth. The pain might not develop straight away, but a sudden hit of pain might indicate that it is gradually forming.
  • Split Tooth – If you experience sensitivity when you bite down, it may indicate a split or cracked tooth. It might not be significant enough for any work to be done, but it should be looked at by your Airdrie dentist.  
  • Gum Receding – when gums recede, they expose the nerves at the tooth, causing pain to occur suddenly. 
  • Gum Sensitivity – aggressive brushing, excessive flossing, and gum disease can all lead to gum-related tooth sensitivity. 
  • Recent Dental Work – you can experience temporary sensitivity after you’ve had a dental procedure. It should improve, but if it doesn’t, speak to your dentist. 
  • Sinus infection – If your sinuses are clogged up, the pressure will build and put more weight on your teeth. This can lead to sudden pain in your teeth. 
  • Cold Weather – this might sound silly, but people tend to experience more teeth sensitivity with winter coming. Blistering cold air flowing over your teeth can trigger a sensitive twinge.
  • Stressful Grinding – bruxism can lead to your teeth grinding or clenching during the night, without you knowing it. This can cause your teeth to be sensitive all of sudden, especially in the morning when you wake up. Getting a night guard can aid this condition. 

Visit Your Airdrie Dental Clinic

It is always best to visit your dentist if you suddenly experience teeth sensitivity, especially if it always happens. Having a professional look at it can determine if there is anything required to ease the sensitivity and put you on a treatment plan to aid it. 

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